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  1. Papadum
    Thin Indian crispy cuisine.The initial mass of bread is made with salt and peanut oil to give flavor is usually added some chilies, cumin, garlic and black pepper, like our Spicy Papadum....Details
  2. Spicy Papadum
    Spicy Papadum
    Spicy thin Indian crispy cuisine. Great taste....Details
  3. Pickle Tray
    Pickle Tray
    Pickle Tray 3 bowls. Mango chutney, spicy onions, mint yogurt....Details
  4. Onions
    Appetizer salad, perfect to whet your appetite along with your Papadums....Details
  5. Tamarind Sauce
    Tamarind Sauce
    The tamarind sauce, is a combination of sweet and acid taste and very tasty to eat with meat or fish. This fruit contains: tartaric and citric acid, vitamin B, iron, calcium, phosphorus, ......Details
  6. Hot & Spicy Garlic Sauce
    Hot & Spicy Garlic Sauce
    Hot & Spicy Garlic Sauce, Spicy mayonnaise garlic sauce....Details
  7. Mint Sauce
    Mint Sauce
    The mint sauce is a sauce traditionally made from finely chopped spearmint leaves....Details
  8. Raita
    Raita based in with yogurt is used as a sauce or dip. The yogurt may be seasoned with coriander, cumin, mint, cayenne pepper, and other herbs and spices....Details
  9. Mango Chutney
    Mango Chutney
    Mango Chutney is a special sauce of mango and spices, ideal for dip with meat or Papadums....Details
  10. Chilli Sauce
    Chilli Sauce
    Home made Hot Chili sauce with fresh chili....Details
  1. Onion Bhaj
    Onion Bhaji
    Onion Bhaji Spicy Indian snack with onions & herbs in batter....Details
  2. Meat Samosa
    Meat Samosa
    Meat Samosa Filled with potatoes, peas & meat (mix lamb & chicken). Golden fried. Excellent dish and even more with our sauces. ...Details
  3. Vegetable Samosa
    Vegetable Samosa
    Vegetable Samosa Filled with potatoes & peas. Golden fried....Details
  4. Paneer Pakora
    Paneer Pakora
    Paneer Pakora Indian soft cheese in a batter & deep golden fried....Details
  5. Vegetable Pakora
    Vegetable Pakora
    Vegetable Pakora Spicy veg in a batter & deep golden fried....Details
  6. Chicken Pakora
    Chicken Pakora
    Chicken Pakora Marinated chicken pieces in a batter and golden fried. ...Details
  7. Chicken Tikka
    Chicken Tikka
    Chicken Tikka Boneless chicken pieces marinated in spicy yogurt. When testing, you know that your taste is characteristic of a roast with our clay oven. ...Details
  8. Lamb Tikka
    Lamb Tikka
    Lamb Tikka Boneless lamb pieces marinated in spicy yogurt. If you like lamb you will like our Lamb Tikka ...Details
  9. Tandoori Chicken
    Tandoori Chicken
    Tandoori Chicken Chicken legs marinated in spicy yogurt....Details
  10. Sheekh Kebab
    Sheekh Kebab
    Sheekh Kebab Minced lamb marinated in spicy & coriander....Details
  11. Prawn Puri
    Prawn Puri
    Prawn Puri with fresh ginger & garlic, deep fried in round bread....Details
  12. Chicken Puri
    Chicken Puri
    Chicken Puri chicken pieces & spices, deep fried in round bread. Is prepared with wheat flour, a dough of flour and salt is either rolled out in a small circle or rolled out. ...Details
  13. Garlic King Prawn
    Garlic King Prawn
    Garlic King Prawn with extra garlic, coriander & green chilli. Have to try this. ...Details
  14. Garlic Chicken
    Garlic Chicken
    Garlic Chicken is cooked with ginger, extra fresh garlic & coriander....Details
  15. Pudina Tikka
    Pudina Tikka
    Pudina Tikka marinated chicken pieces, fresh mint & Kus Kus, is a quite traditional dish....Details
  16. Barra Kebab
    Barra Kebab
    Marinated chicken pieces in spicy yogurt with cashew nut paste & cream. Barra Kebab is cooked with a brochette in an oven and the spice level is mild....Details
  17. Hot Chicken Wings
    Hot Chicken Wings
    Hot Chicken Wings, good smell and good taste, but also with a delicious spicy recipe....Details
  18. Chicken Lolipop
    Chicken Lolipop
    With a special recipe and a blend of species, the Chicken Lolipop is a highly recommended dish. ...Details
  19. Bombay Babu Special Starter
    Bombay Babu Special Starter (Variety of starters for two)
    Recommended. Perfect for those who want to know Indian food. For this dish we suggest the tasty tamarind sauce or the hot & spicy garlic sauce. Includes onion bhaji, chicken barra kebab, chicken tikka, pudina tikka, vegetable pakora, sheekh kebab...Details
  1. BALTI
    This Curry was created in England with fresh tomatoes and green peppers Served in Balti bowl wich means bucket...Details
  2. KORMA
    Recommended. This curry is mild and creamy flavoured, decorated with almonds and coconut. ...Details
    Medium hot curry served with a refreshing mint flavor....Details
    Curry Masala it is one of the most popular dishes with its mild flavor but dense with cream and almonds....Details
  5. METHI
    Methi is a fenugreek leaf curry with its distinctive taste and its medicinal values which help your digestive system....Details
    The Moglai is a dense Curry containing egg garlic and ginger decorated with coriander....Details
    A Kashmiri aromatic dish cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, coriander and a touch of cream....Details
    Saloni is a mild to medium curry with its original touch of coconut cream....Details
    The Persian Pathia is a dish famous for its bittersweet flavor with mango and coconut....Details
    Smooth and creamy with fruit cocktail decorated with almonds and coconut....Details
  11. KARAHI
    Prepared in special cast iron skillet, this curry is turned brown with chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, ginger and garlic....Details
  12. BHUNA
    Made with chopped onions, roasted red and green peppers, coriander seeds, ginger, garlic, coriander and fenugreek leaves....Details
    Rich and smooth gravy filled with delicious spices decorated with real butter....Details
    Chasney is a curry served red with sweet and sour fruit cocktail....Details
  15. CURRY
    Classic curry with fresh tomatoes with a smooth slightly spiced sauce decorated with coriander....Details
  16. DANSAK
    Combines elements of Persian and Gujarati cuisine. The Dansak is made with lentils, ginger, garlic and fresh coriander....Details
    Dopiaza is made with extra onions, both cooked in the curry and as a garnish....Details
    Distinguished by the chilli and green and red peppers freshly cut. This dish was created during the British rule over India....Details
  19. JAY PURI
    Semi dense Curry prepared with fresh mushrooms and onions, with a touch of coconut ginger and coriander....Details
  20. SAAG
    Saag curry, is a traditional Punjabi thick spinach curry cooked with spices....Details
  1. Bombay Aloo
    Bombay Aloo
    Classic potatoe curry served in a semi dry sauce with original flavours....Details
  2. Aloo Gobi
    Aloo Gobi
    Potatoe and cauliflower curry served in a semi dry sauce....Details
  3. Saag Aloo
    Saag Aloo
    Spinach curry with potatoes and spices....Details
  4. Mutter Paneer
    Mutter Paneer
    Mutter Paneer is made with soft cheese & peas curry with ginger, garlic, tomato & coriander. Medium spicy....Details
  5. Tarka Dhal
    Tarka Dhal
    Tarka Dhal Lentils with extra garlic, ginger, coriander & butter. Lightly spiced....Details
  6. Bhindi Bhaji
    Bhindi Bhaji
    Lady fingers cooked withs chopped onions and spices. Served in a dry sauce....Details
  7. Mushroom Bhaji
    Mushroom Bhaji
    Freshly sliced mushroom curry with onions and spices. Medium hot....Details
  8. Aubergine Bhaji
    Aubergine Bhaji
    Aubergines cooked in tandoor then peeled and cooked in a semi spicy curry base. Medium hot....Details
  9. Palak Paneer
    Palak Paneer
    Fresh homemade indian cheese on spinach curry....Details
  1. Chicken Tikka Sizzler
    Chicken Tikka Sizzler
    Chicken pieces marinated in spicy yogurt, cooked in clay oven. Served with lemon and fried onion....Details
  2. Lamb Tikka Sizzler
    Lamb Tikka Sizzler
    Lamb pieces marinated in spicy yogurt, cooked in clay oven. Served with lemon, fried onions & red peppers....Details
  3. Chicken Tandoori Sizzler
    Chicken Tandoori Sizzler
    Chicken legs with bone marinated in spicy yogurt, cooked in clay oven. Served with lemon and fried onions....Details
  4. King Prawn Sizzler
    King Prawn Sizzler
    Prawns marinated in spicy yogurt, cooked in clay oven. Served with lemon and fried onions....Details
  5. Tandoori Mix Grill
    Tandoori Mix Grill
    Mix of lamb, sheekh kebab, chicken Tikka, chicken leg & king prawns....Details
  1. Biryani
    Biryani rice cooked separtely with an intensely flavored sauce. A medium thick sauce will be served separately....Details
  1. Pilau Rice
    Pilau Rice
    Indian Basmati Rice with three colours flavoured with onion, cinnamon, cloves and herbs....Details
  2. Garlic Rice
    Garlic Rice
    Basmati Rice with garlic and spices....Details
  3. Special Bombay Babu Rice
    Special Bombay Babu Rice
    Pure Indian Basmati Rice with mixed vegetables, green peas & prawns....Details
  4. Keema Rice
    Keema Rice
    Mince meat with peas and spices in Basmati Rice....Details
  5. Special Rice
    Special Rice
    Pure Indian Basmati Rice with with green peas and spicy eggs....Details
  6. Egg Rice
    Egg Rice
    Pure Indian Basmati rice with spicy eggs....Details
  7. Mushroom Rice
    Mushroom Rice
    Stir fried mushrooms in Basmati Rice....Details
  8. Mix Vegetable Rice
    Mix Vegetable Rice
    Stir fried mix vegetables in basmati rice....Details
  9. Plain Boiled Rice
    Plain Boiled Rice
    Pure Indian tradicional Basmati Rice with natural flavour....Details
  10. Coconut Rice
    Coconut Rice
    Indian basmati rice with sweet coconut served in its special colour....Details
  1. Plain Naan
    Plain Naan
    Naan bread slightly buttered on top. Baked in a clay oven....Details
  2. Garlic Chilli Naan
    Garlic Chilli Naan
    Naan Bread with garlic & green chilli. Baked in a clay oven. ...Details
  3. Cheese Naan
    Cheese Naan
    Soft Naan Bread with cheese. Baked in a clay oven....Details
  4. Keema Naan
    Keema Naan
    Naan Bread with minced lamb, baked in a clay oven....Details
  5. Chilli Coriander Naan
    Chilli Coriander Naan
    Naan Bread with chilli & coriander, baked in a clay oven....Details
  6. Onion Naan
    Onion Naan
    Onion Naan Bread with chopped onion, baked in a clay oven....Details
  7. Kulcha Naan
    Kulcha Naan
    Kulcha Naan Bread with chopped onions, green peppers, red peppers & green chilli. Baked in a clay oven....Details
  8. Peshwari Naan
    Peshwari Naan
    Peshwari Naan Bread, with almonds, coconut, sultanas & sugar. Baked in a clay oven....Details
  9. Garlic Naan
    Garlic Naan
    Garlic Naan Bread topped with chopped garlic and coriander. Baked in a clay oven....Details
  10. Butter Naan
    Butter Naan
    Soft Naan Bread with butter....Details
  1. Tandoori Roti
    Tandoori Roti
    Bread which is made from wholewheat flour and made in a clay oven....Details
  2. Plain Chapati
    Plain Chapati
    Thin indian bread....Details
  3. Butter Chapati
    Butter Chapati
    Thin indian bread with butter....Details
  4. Plain Paratha
    Plain Paratha
    Bread made of several layers with natural butter....Details
  5. Aloo Paratha
    Aloo Paratha
    Bread filled with mashed potatoes and peas with spices and butter....Details
  6. Stuffed Paratha
    Stuffed Paratha
    Bread filled with cauliflower, onions, spices and butter....Details
  1. French Fries
    French Fries
    Fried potatoes chips....Details
  2. Chicken Nuggets and chips
    Chicken Nuggets and chips
    Fried nuggets with fish fingers and chips....Details
  3. Fish Fingers and chips
    Fish Fingers and chips
    Fish fingers fried with chips....Details
  4. Chicken KASHMIRI KORMA with chips or rice
    Chicken KASHMIRI KORMA with chips or rice
    Chicken in creamy mild sauce like korma with fruit cocktail decorated with almonds and coconut....Details
  5. Chicken KORMA WITHOUT spices with chips or rice
    Chicken KORMA WITHOUT spices with chips or rice
    Chicken korma with a bland sauce served with chips or aromatic rice....Details
  6. Chicken CHASNEY WITHOUT SPICES with chips or rice
    Chicken CHASNEY WITHOUT SPICES with chips or rice
    Chicken in Chasney with bittersweet fruit cocktail accompanied by chips or aromatic rice....Details
  1. Khir
    Khir - Rice pudding
    Khir - Rice pudding...Details
  2. Kulfi
    Kulfi - Indian pistachio Ice Cream
    Kulfi - Indian pistachio Ice Cream...Details
  3. Mango Kulfi
    Mango Kulfi
    Mango Kulfi - Indian mango ice cream...Details
  4. Gulab Jamun
  1. Sprite
  2. Ice tea peach
  3. Ice tea lemon
  4. coca cola
  5. Coca Cola Light
  6. fanta orange
  7. fanta lemon
  8. tonic water
  9. Pineapple Juice
  10. Peach Juice
  11. Apple Juice
  12. Mango Juice
  13. Orange Juice
  14. cobra indian beer
  15. Strongbow Cider Beer
    Strongbow Cider Beer
    Strongbow Cider Beer...Details
  16. Kingfisher indian Beer
    Kingfisher indian Beer
    Kingfisher indian Beer...Details
  17. heineken
  18. dorada beer
  19. dorada light beer
  20. Small Water
  21. large soda water
  22. soda water
  23. Large Water
  24. Amistal Cava Brut
    Amistal Cava - Brut
    Amistal Cava - Brut...Details
  25. Cabre & Sabate
    Cabre & Sabate
    Cava Cabre & Sabate - semi seco...Details
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